Maintaining and Using an Inventory of AWB Numbers

AWB INVENTORY consists of ranges of starting and ending AWB numbers by airline. Inventory can be controlled by SITE (office location) and POSTING TABLE type.

There are three possible ways to control AWB numbers. The actual way implemented is controlled by a system parameter; the 3rd position of AWOPTS in the G/L system file.

If the parameter is:
Y-Track inventory by site and posting table.
X-Track by posting table but not by site.
N-Track by airline only.

Adding Inventory

On the AWB menu there is an option (probably 28) for AWB INVENTORY. Enter the 3 digit Airline code. It will display current Inventory data (if any). To add inventory press F5. The cursor will jump to the ADD TO INVENTORY fields. If you have only one office you will not be tracking inventory by site. Enter 99 for the site. If you are using only one posting table enter " D" (space D) for the type. Enter the first and last awb number in the range. If the Airline requires a check digit (this is displayed at the top of the screen) the computer will calculate the proper check digit when withdrawing numbers from inventory. You can just enter 0 for the final digit if you want.

Each range of AWB numbers is displayed as a single line on the display. The quantity remaining is shown. A warning point can be entered. It can also be changed on this screen. If a warning point is set the operator will be warned when the warning point is reached.

F4 can be used to expand any line on the display and show you the ranges of numbers that make up a particular category. From this expanded display individual ranges can be deleted. You cannot edit the ranges. If a number has been withdrawn for an AWB and then the AWB was deleted the number will be put back in inventory. It will show in the expanded display as a single line with the same starting and ending number.

Using Inventory

When preparing an AWB and you want to use the next number from inventory pull in a template as usual, change ??? to the airline number and leave the rest of the awb number blank. The next number will be used.

If the AWB is deleted (and was never posted) the number will be put back into inventory and will be used the next time a number is pulled from inventory.