Air Waybill Processing


AIRPEX  uses a system of templates to simplify and speed the entry of Air Waybill information.  A template can be established for any type of shipment and retains all details (consignee, shipper, routing, flight details by day of the week, carriage, customs and insurance values, rating and handling charges) desired for future use. Templates can be selected by consignee, shipper or destination.

Templates are stored with an airline code of "???". (Actually, the system converts this to 1000 but displays it as ???.  Users may simply enter one ?).  The system base template is ???-00000000 which can be entered as ?-0.  Note that is not necessary to enter leading zeros.

New templates must be created from existing templates.  To create a new template, load an existing one (e.g. ???-0000000), make whatever changes are required on screen 1, the WYSWYG screen and screen 2. The template will be saved when you press answer "Y" on the OK? question on screen 2.  The system knows that you are working with a template and does not offer to print the Air Waybill.

You can and should create templates for each generic type of shipment you do, as well as special templates for recurring shipments.  Since only one person can use a template at a time, it is recommended that each user have his or her own set of templates for general use.

The template system can be set so that only the creator of a template can edit it.  If you find that you are having a problem with your templates getting modified by other users ask us to set this option.  This must be company wide.

Template numbers are 8 digits just like Air Waybill numbers.  That means that the system can accommodate up to 100 million different templates (you might need some more disk space if you have this many).  We encourage you to be as specific as possible in creating templates.  They can save you a lot of time.

FIL Templates

Sometimes it is desirable to record expenses on a shipment before an airline has been selected and before many details about the shipment are known.  You can use a FIL template for this purpose.  Fill in an appropriate template, Type FIL as the airline code and clear the rest of the AWB# field.  The system will assign the next available file number and create a FIL template.  You can them record expenses on screen 2 and even print checks for thos expenses.

Later, when shipment details are complete, use the FIL just like any other template to create an Air Waybill.