Label Printing

Bar Code Labels

Bar code labels are printed on the Zebra Label Printer.

Batch labels are set up to print when flagged by the AWB edit program. From the menu AWLBLC (label control) can be run. This gives the option of editing the selected labels (adding new ones or deleting ones already set up. You can also start the printing at this point (AWLBLF).

Two forms are assumed: LABEL.MAWB and LABEL.HAWB.

The form to be used is selected as follows:
First try LABEL.MAWB.printer_name,AWB,FORMS
If form is found open LABEL.HAWB.printer_name,AWB.FORMS.

Second try LABEL.FORM.printer_name,AWB,FORMS
If form is found open the same file for HAWBs.

If the above files are not found the default is LABEL.FORM,AWB,FORMS.