Chart of Accounts

  1. General Info
  2. System files

General info

The chart of accounts file stores both the account data and the department data. Account numbers are four digits while department numbers are two digits.

Each entry in the file is assigned a type code:

  • C-Department or Profit Center
  • D-Detail Account. Used for most accounting functions.
  • R-Restricted Account. Can not be directly debited or credited by payables or receivables.


System files

The following accounts are identified in the system file. Accounts marked with (M) are mandatory:

  • ACCTREC (M) Accounts Receivable
  • ACCTPAY (M) Accounts Payable-Trade
  • APBUCKET If Adjustment is made to previous year this is used for P&L account adjustments.
  • APADJCUT The APBUCKET "cutoff" account. Previous year adjustments will use the APBUCKET account if account number is greater than this cutoff number. (Does not have to be an actual account- eg. 4000).