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****Automatic Processing

Background processing is needed to run RCVBIRD,BILDH for ANSI messages. (Add this the /edx/backgrnd/edimast) DLBIRD could be triggered by birdmail but it would probably be simpler to just add it to edimast as well.

****Sending Bird Messages

ULANSI is run from a menu. The Partner code and file number are entered. ULBIRD is used to create a file (Subrout SENDBEG) in the partner directory under /edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/SPOOL. At the end of ULANSI, edisend is called (Subrout SENDGO) with the partner code as a parameter.
edisend is on /bms/bin and does a set group and then runs /bms/bin/ (or /bms/edi/

!!!NOTE dir can be /bms/bin/ or /bms/edi !!!

This script has all the pertinent information as to how to send the data (ansi or e-mail), phone numbers, etc. A message is displayed at the end of this script.


In addition to /bms/edi/files and /edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/files that are required for ANSI transmissions already, the following items are required for BIRD transmissions:

			/edx/AIRPEX/ABI/SPOOL/BROKERS/ (directory only)
	Unix Files:	/bms/edi/bicreate	(script)
			/bms/abi/bisend		(program)


		 then deletes bbbppppnnnn and runs edisend
	edisend suids and runs
	( logs info in /bms/edi/send/edisend.log) copies the file to /bms/edi/send/prtnr/YYYY/
	then runs /bms/edi/create 
	bicreate runs c pgm /bms/abi/bisend which creates the file then uses tdni or mail to send the file
	Messages sent are in /bms/edi/send/(Partner)/(Year)/file
	File name is


  • 1 - Assign 4 letter partner code.
  • 2 - Add to Partner File (/edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/SPOOL/PARTNERS) Indicate whether type is MAIL or ANSI (default)
  • 3 - Set up directory with partner code in /edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/SPOOL. (Both Types)
  • 4 - Add info to /bms/edi/ (on jscaix)

    ****Receiving Bird Messages

    Messages can come from ANSI or e-mail.

    ANSI Messages:
    ANSI messages are handled by Stuart's program(s) to create files in /edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/SPOOL/JSC as MAHR.FT.nnnnnn

    The raw data is stored in /bms/edi/recv/partner/YYYYMM/ (on jsc not on jscaix)

    When RCVBIRD is run the AA to ZZ data is extracted and set up as RCVpppp### in /edx/AIRPEX/ABI/SPOOL/BROKERS (pppp is the partner code. File /edx/AIRPEX/ANSI/SPOOL/PARTNERS is used in the process.) DLBIRD is then used to process the data into the appropriate btas files.
    Message "wrapper" is 996

    E-MAIL Messages:

    e-mail messages should be sent to bird@
    In /usr/lib/aliases there is an entry for bird "|/bms/bin/redi bird" This sets ID to Eddie and runs /home/bird/birdmail. Copies of the received mail are also kept in /home/bird as bird.nnnnn where nnnnn is a process number. The files are (also) summarized into /home/bird/YYYYMMDD and logged to /home/bird/bird.log

    e-mail is processed to a file MAILnnnnn in /edx/AIRPEX/ABI/SPOOL/BROKERS When DLBIRD is run it first goes through any MAIL* files and breaks them up into RCVMAIL### files. These are then processed along with the ANSI files.


    This program processes the file in /edx/AIRPEX/ABI/SPOOL/BROKERS The current status of the processing is:

    7501 MSGs	- Processed to 7501bbbnnn in /edx/AIRPEX/ABI/SPOOL/BROKERS
    		  Record added to BIRD.IN in /edx/AIRPEX/ABI/BIRD
    		  BRD75IQ and DLBRD75 display BIRD.IN and are used to 
    		  transfer the data to ENTRY* files.  A record in FILE.LOG
    		  keeps track of the senders reference and uses that
    		  to respond to the originating broker.
      EN Records	- Processed to ENTRY, ENTRY.DESC
      DT Records	- Processed to various files
      Rx Records	- Processed by DLRLPR at the end of DLBIRD
      MI Records	- FIRMS code updated
      RM Records	- Not Supported
    MSGS MSGs	- Not Supported
    JI MSGs		- Not Supported
    JR MSGs		- Not Supported
    NR MSGs		- Not Supported


    BRDTKIQ is used to look at tracking data (both directions) by file number. Unprocessed 7501s have zero for file number. Both ULANSI and DLBIRD write to TRACK. The main key is the file number plus a sequential line number. Users can locate by date or Partner, Date.

    Processing Incoming 7501 Data

    Program BRD75IQ is used to display and process incoming files. You must enter your file number, site, and importer customer number for the file to be processed.

    The program runs DLBRD75 which creates the Log and Worksheet records. If successful, CBCALC is then run and if desired, CB75ED.

    Currently, the following items are not implemented:
          Missing Documents
          51 Record (VISA,Textiles,Cotton Number, etc)
    The system does not automatically process consignee data (ZA,ZB records) since that would require creating a customer record. Remarks (ZR) records are not processed either.