CF3461 Information

  1. Uploading
  2. Printing problems
  3. Block 29 data
  4. System options

Uploading 3461 Data

A flag (ED34U) is set to a "3" or "7" when cargo release certification has been requested via the 3461 or 7501 upload. When cargo release has been certified the flag is changed to "Y".

If the flag is "Y":

  • The Upload 3461 question will no longer be asked (assuming the 3461 flag is "Y").
  • Certification will not be requested on the 7501 unless the 7501 flag is set to "C" on the log screen.

To reset the ED34U flag, use the Menu Option (Toggle 3461 question) on the log screen.


3461 Printing Problems

Processing Results do not print

If a file has been sent to customs and results have been received but do not print on the 3461 the probable cause is that neither 3461 nor 7501 have a "Y" in the ABI field on the Log screen. (The ABI CERTIFIED message will print although it probably should not!) In addition, the "stamp" data will not be printed.


Block 29 Data

Block 29 data is entered on the Misc Screen (CBLGED2 - F9 from the Log Screen). The data is free form. A blank line can be inserted by putting a period (.) in the first column of a line.

A database of standard Block 29 data sets can be accessed by F4 from the Block 29 Data area of the Misc Screen. The database can be maintained from here or from a menu option.


3461 System Options

System File OPT3461 offsets:

  • 0 - If Y add CBTFPT (Transmittal Form) to Process Selection (JSC)
  • 1 - If Y add CB301 (SEB Form) to Process Selection (BWI)
  • 2 - If Y use CTOGA to print HTS in non-numeric order (Lynx, BCA)
  • 3 - If Y print additional MIDs, HTS on plain paper (BCA)