FTZ Entries

Required data

The following data elements are mandatory to process a Type 06 (FTZ) entry:

  1. Entry Type = 06
  2. Vessel Name field must show 'FTZ' + 4 character zone number.
  3. Location of goods
  4. Zone Status (for each line item)
    On the 7501 Edit Screen:
      Enter the FTZ Status
    • P-Privileged Foreign Merchandise
    • D-Domestic Merchandise
    • N-Non-privileged Foreign Merchandise
    • Z-Zone Restricted Merchandise

    Note: If Privileged Foreign Merchandise, enter the privileged status filing date in the PERMIT DATE field. The date must be on or before today.
  5. Date of exportation, if quota applies.


The following data elements are not required to process a Type 06 (FTZ) entry:

  1. Importing vessel code
  2. SCAC code
  3. Mode of transport code
  4. District/Port of unlading
  5. Date of importation
  6. Foreign port of lading
  7. Country of export
  8. Date of exportation, unless quota applies, then date of export is mandatory.