Manufacturer's ID Codes
  1. Creating MIDs
  2. Canadian Province codes
  3. Duplicating MID on multi invoice entry
  4. Muliple MIDs on a single invoice

Creating MID codes

Refer to Customs Directive 3500-13 dated 11/24/86 for instructions on determining the manufacturer ID.

MID codes are created on the CBMIED screen.

When creating a new MID the ENTER key must be pressed before F8 (Feed). Otherwise message "INVALID COUNTRY CODE" is displayed.

If the MID field is left blank, the address data will be transmitted to ACS and Customs will return the MID code for you.


Valid Canadian Province/Territory codes for MIDs

The first two characters of the Manufacturer ID code for Canadian manufacturers is a Customs assigned code for the Canadian province/territory instead of the ISO country code.

Valid Canadian Province/Territory codes for MIDs are:

  • XA - Alberta
  • XB - New Brunswick
  • XC - British Columbia
  • XM - Manitoba
  • XN - Nova Scotia
  • XO - Ontario
  • XP - Prince Edward Island
  • XQ - Quebec
  • XS - Saskatchewan
  • XT - Northwest Territories
  • XW - Newfoundland
  • XY - Yukon Territory

Source: CATAIR ENS-55


Duplicating a previously used MID

If a number of invoices are being entered with the same MANUFACTURER, you can use double quotes (") to copy the last MID to the current invoice.


Multiple MIDs on a single commercial invoice

When a single commercial invoice needs multiple MIDs the usual solution is to use multiple invoices on the worksheet (invoice 1-A, 1-B, etc). Another solution is to use the shipper as the MID on the worksheet and then edit the MIDs on the 7501 screen.

On the 7501 Master Data Screen you can inquire and/or change the MID on each line of the invoice. If you press enter it will save the change. If you then press F8 to expand you will see the changed MID. You can also change the MID on the expanded (F8) screen. If you then return to the Master Data screen you will need to refresh the screen (by scrolling or by using F1) to see the changed MID.