"Flagging" Entries for Reconciliation

Individual entry summaries can be flagged for reconciliation. The flags are currently located on the MISC screen off the Log Edit screen.

The NAFTA Indicator (if used) must be '1'.

The Other Indicator (if used) must be:
001 - Value Issue
002 - Class Issue
003 - 9802 Issue
004 - Value/Class Issue
005 - Value/9802 Issue
006 - Class/9802 Issue
007 - Value/Class/9802 Issue
There is a file (ABI/RECON) that has a list of customer numbers that may be subject to reconciliation. If an entry is done for a customer in this file without specifying reconciliation there will be a warning when exiting the Log Screen.

Reconciliation Summary Submission

Currently the programming to send reconciliation entries (type 09) has not been done.