1. General Info
  2. Knife Sets
  3. GRI Sets
  4. Watches and Clocks

General info

Sets fall into 3 categories:

  • Knives - Duty is derived from component with highest duty rate. Set HTS is in 50 Record. 70 Record has HTS of highest duty rate, equivalent ADVAL rate, quantity of all items. Additional HTS numbers not required.

  • Sets under GRI 3(B) or 3(C) - HTS number in which the rate of duty is derived is shown first with an "X" in Secondary SPI field (position 80). Each article in the set (including the one above) is reported ON A SEPARATE LINE. Quantity and value are reported. Secondary SPI has a "V". There must be at least two lines with "V".

  • Watches/Clocks - HTS number and duty for the movements is in the 50 record. Other components are in the 70, 80, 81 record with VALUE, QUANTITY and DUTY.


Knife Sets

On the Worksheet:

  1. Put the set HTS number on the first line with the total number of pieces.
  2. Put "O" in the I/O column.
  3. Put the HTS number for duty computation as a Secondary Number with "I" in the I/O column.

On the 7501 Master Data Screens:
You will probably have to calculate an equivalent ADVAL rate and edit the 7501 data to change the duty rate. The value goes on the first line (the set HTS) and the duty goes on the 2nd line (the secondary number).

  1. Place the cursor on the sets classification line and press F8
  2. Press F8 again to go to the Duty computation screen.
  3. Make a note of the rates. You will need this later.
  4. Place the cursor on the line with the sets HTS number.
  5. Press F9 to expand the rate and F8 to delete the rate.
  6. Enter a "0" in the case column and "000" and press F9.
  7. Press Enter to record the duty line with 0 amount.
  8. Press F1 to return to the previous screen.
  9. Expand the duty hts line by placing the cursor on the line and pressing F8.
  10. Enter a "0" in the case column and "000" and press F9.
  11. Enter the value and equivalent rate. Put "$" in the PER column and press enter. You can also enter the components that make up the equivalent rate.
  12. Press F1 to return to the previous screen and erase the value from the duty line.


GRI Sets

(This currently will only work where the 7501 data is NOT sorted, eg ATL and MPL). Enter each item as a separate line on the Worksheet. The first line has the value and quantity data necessary to calculate the duty and an "I" in the I/O field. Repeat the first line and add all other lines with appropriate reporting data and an "O" in the I/O field.

After calculating duty, expand from the 7501 lines and put an "X" in the first line (where the duty was calculated) and put a "V" in the other lines. (There must be at least two.)


If you have a 9802 that included the GRI sets you need to repeat the entire duty computation line (9802 and the HTS used to compute the duty) and then all other related HTS numbers as separate lines. Put the "X" on both the 9802 and the additional number on the first line. Put the "V" on both the 9802 and the additional number on the 2nd line and the "V" on the remaining lines.

On the 7501 screen, expand the first line and add an "X" in the SPI field. Expand each additional line and add a "V" in the SPI Field.


Watches and Clocks

On the Worksheet, enter the movement as the first HTS number. Enter all the additional numbers as Secondary Numbers. Each line should have its own quantity and value information and an "I" in the I/O field.