System Data

Accounting Data

The following General Ledger accounts must be identified in the system file: Operating Cash Account. This is account regularly used to receive payments from customers and pay vendors.
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
An Error Account. This is used to catch any problems in posting. We recommend using 8888 as the account number.

Air Export Data

The following General Ledger accounts must be identified in the system file:
Accounts Payable Airlines. Payables to Airlines are posted to this account. The Sales Report functions are then used to reconcile these payables with CASS and create a trade payable.
Direct AWB Pass through Account. The invoice on a Direct Air Waybill posts data to both the Sales Journal and The Airline Transaction Journal. This account is used to keep both journals balanced.

There is a posting table that is used to control how AWB invoice data is posted to the ledger. The columns of the posting table are used to differentiate between Master, House and Direct AWBs for both Prepaid and Collect charges. The rows of the table allow differentiating between Freight, Insurance, Valuation, Commissions, Discounts and Agent and Carrier Handling charges. Multiple posting tables can be created to handle a variety of accounting requirements.

There are two option flag variables in the system file, AWOPTS and AWPOOPT.

AWPOOPT - If "Y" then Create A/P directly for Non-Reportable AWBS. Otherwise post Non-Reportable to Sales Report.


  1. Y-Copy SHIP TO to BILL TO if BILL TO is zero.
  2. Y-Use AWB number as the Invoice Number on HAWBs.
  3. Y-Track AWB Inventory by Site and Post Table.
    X-Track AWB Inventory by Post Table Only.
    N-Track AWB Inventory by Airline Only.
  4. Y-Print Export Declaration Form Immediately.
  5. Y-Print Prepaid Due Agent Charges on AWB.
  6. Y-Allow all operators to edit templates, not just the creator.
  7. Y-Save Template SED changes.
  8. Y-Ask for invoice date when batch printing invoices.
  9. Y-Suppress printing 2 letter charge codes on invoice.
  10. Y-Suppress changing AWB date to current date if not posted.
  11. Y-Use TERMINAL site instead of Invoice Dept in selecting Invoice Format.

Other required system data include:
IATA Codes
Originating Airport Codes
The Consolidation Airline (the code for your HAWBs).
The Consolidation Shipper (your customer number).

Ocean Export Data

ABI Data

Breakbulk Data