Demonstration of AIRPEX Internet Tracking

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How to Log In

What's Going On?

A demonstration of the Internet capabilities BMS offers its AIRPEX  customers.  Both Tracking and special reports are currently in service.  BMS hosts home pages for several customers.  The Tracking applications operate on BMS' Web Server, thus isolating Customer systems from the security risks inherent in the Internet.  The data you will be viewing is a sample of actual customer data.  We have randomized names and addresses to protect the privacy of the companies involved.

How to Log In:

The Logon is "demo" and the Password is "abc123".  Both are case sensitive and must be entered as shown.

What's Going On:

The Tracking information is drawn seamlessly from the AIRPEX operations database.  At scheduled times during the day, this information is transferred to BMS's Web Server and made available to companies which you have assigned a login and password.  The entire process is automatic and requires no extra effort from your staff.  You may decide to add Status Events.  In this case, you will have available data entry functions to enter the data.

The system acquires status data from airlines and steamship lines from the SNS system, provided that you have set up an account.  SNS charges for this service, but we believe that the improved quality and quantity of status data justifies the cost.

In addition to the Tracking application, certain customers may desire special reports.  The Reports option shows a variety of possibilities.  The reports are generated by a menu option on your system.  You then direct your system to publish the reports to the Internet.  This assures that the data transferred to the Internet is complete and accurate.

Both Tracking and Reports are implemented as Java Servlets.  This means that the Java program executes on BMS's Web Server.  Any Internet Browser will be able to display the data and the programs will execute quickly.