TUI AWT Download

Last modified Dec 17, 2000

There are two pieces required. The Java code is an AWT implementation that creates java.awt.peer objects which communicate with a C++ program running locally or remotely. The C++ piece is called tuipeer.

Linux RPM for tuipeer

New release 1.1.2 removes dependency on libg++.

I never did get a Solaris workstation, but I have loaded RedHat 6.2 on several machines, and now have Linux RPMS for tuipeer. It was compiled with RedHat 6.2.

  • 1.1.2-1 Source RPM
  • 1.1.2-1 Binary RPM
  • ChangeLog
  • 1.1.1-2 Source RPM (needs libg++)
  • 1.1.1-2 Binary RPM (needs libg++)
  • Tuipeer source download and porting notes.
  • Java classes

  • Download classes
  • Download Java Source
  • View beginnings of user documentation
  • Plans for future releases
  • Overview of partial 99% Java implementation, more in development.
  • Source directory for 99% Java implementation.
  • Please E-mail suggestions for features, bugs to