CF7501 Information

  1. Preparation
  2. Uploading
  3. Printing
  4. 'Mini-trans
  5. System options

Preparation of 7501 data

7501 Master Data is created from data entered on the Log Edit and Worksheet Data screens.

Most routine entries can be created and transmitted to USCS without modifications to the 7501 Master Data screen except:

  • ADD/CVD entries
  • PIRP entries
  • Quota/Visa entries
  • Automated Invoice Interface entries
  • Entries requiring manual duty calculations

These entry types require additional information that can only be entered on secondary screens in the 7501 module.


Uploading 7501 Data

F14 from the 7501 screen will prepare the data for upload unless ABI 7501 is NO on the log screen. In that case F14 will allow printing the 7501 from this screen.

If the action code is "C" (Correction) no OGA data will be transmitted. FCC OGA data must be transmitted on the 7501. If other OGA data was transmitted on the 3461 the preparer will be asked if they wish to transmit the data anyways.

To force a specific date to be used as the Estimated Entry Date for Customs (such as at the end of the year to use next years rates):

  • On the Log Screen put the Estimated Entry Date in the PRESENT field and E in the ELECT? field.


Printing 7501s

When batch printing 7501 there are three options:

  1. Print all 7501s
  2. Print only Paperless 7501s
  3. Print only Non-Paperless 7501s

If Paperless Only is selected, there is an additional option to print only enhanced paperless files. Enhanced Paperless are files on ACH with no census warnings and are entry type 1, 6 or 11.

If a Laser printer is available printing only a file copy of the paperless entries on the laser printer helps reduce forms cost.

If an "X" is entered on CBLGED, "ABI/A" will print on the 7501 even if 7501 screen has payment type 1 (single check) (in anticipation of retransmitting 7501 data later).

ABI/S will print if the payment type is "3" but there is no entry in the Payor file for that importer customer number.



A mini-trans updates the payment type on an entry summary.   Send a mini-trans when you need to delete an entry from an ACH statement.

To send a mini-trans:

  1. Go to the 7501 Master Data screen.
  2. Change the payment type.
  3. Press the enter key.
  4. Press F11 to upload the data.


System options

7501 system options include:

  • Export date and release date required before allowing calculations.
  • Reprint 7501 after retransmission of 7501 data (after receiving error free)
  • Maintain HTS order entered on the worksheet.  (Default is ascending by HTS number).
  • Print using CF7501c continuation sheet.