1. General Info
  2. USCS Reference Files
  3. User Maintained Databases
  4. OGA Databases
  5. Other Databases
  6. Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Records

General info

A variety of databases are used in the AIRPEX system.  Some of these databases are downloaded from U.S. Customs. Other databases are prepared and maintained by the user. Databases related to Other Government Agency requirements are also included in AIRPEX.

Access to the most frequently used databases is via the Import Database Menu , the ABI Query Menu, and the OGA Database Menu.

Most databases in the AIRPEX system utilize a Locator Screen to list all of the records in the database. Locator screens offer scrolling and searching options to make finding a specific record an easy task.  Place the cursor on the record desired and press a function key (usually F4, but check the screen menu) to open a detail screen that displays all the data for the selected record.  There may be additional secondary screens that are associated with the record. These secondary screens are accessed via function keys and/or menu options.

Databases that contain records with a limited number of fields are sometimes presented with a combined Locator/Detail screen. Editing is allowed directly in the record listing.  No detail screen is utilized.

See Getting Started -  Tables, ScrollingToggling, or Locating   table data for additional information.


USCS Reference Files

The Extract Reference Files program allows users to query USCS and update various basic data files required for ABI transmissions.

Reference file queries update large blocks of data, not individual records.

Use the Extract Reference Files program to update the following databases:

A few of these Customs downloadable databases can be edited under certain conditions, but in order to maintain data integrity, we recommend that updates be made using the Extract Reference Files program.


User Maintained Databases

User maintained databases include:

Access these databases from the Import DataBase Menu


OGA Databases

OGA databases include:

Access these databases from the OGA DataBase Menu


Other Databases

Other AIRPEX database files include those that are updated through ABI queries, ABI auto updates, and system configuration files. They include:

Access these databases from the Import DataBase Menu or the Query Menu.


Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Records

Most AIRPEX databases open in display only mode.  This allows browsing, locating, and retrieval of records, but prevents inadvertent changes to the data.

Updating these databases requires a deliberate and conscious effort. Place databases in edit mode by adding the menu parameter 'E' (for EDIT) to your menu selection option.

For example, typing '44' in the menu option field on the Import Database Menu opens the U.S.Ports database in display only mode. To open the same database in edit mode requires that the menu option be '44E'.

If the Locator screen or detail screen offers an 'INSERT' option, the database is in edit mode.