Basic File Processing Information

  1. General program flow
  2. Customs clearance
  3. Inland transportation
  4. Invoice preparation
  5. ACH processing
  6. Customer reports

General program flow

This page outlines the general program flow for an import transaction.


Customs clearance


Inland transportation

A basic delivery order/inland bill of lading can be prepared during the file logging process. Use the lower portion of theShipment IDs screen to enter container numbers, cargo description, inland carrier, and consignee.

More complex inland movements involving split shipments, multiple inland carriers, or destinations can be handled through the Multiple Delivery Order option.


Invoice preparation

See Invoice Edit Screen


ACH processing

See Statement Processing


Customer Reports

A variety of sales, operations, and customer reports are available.
See Workflow Reports Menu Customer Reports Menu,  and  A/R Menu for listings.