ABI Transmissions

  1. General Info
  2. CF3461, CF7501, Entry Date Updates
  3. Queries
  4. Reference Files
  5. Administrative Messages, Broker Stats, Liquidations
  6. Viewing Uploads & Downloads
  7. Bill of Lading Updates
  8. OGA Data

General Info

All ABI Transmission options are found on the Communications Menu. Uploads (preparation and formatting of data for transmission) are created throughout the AIRPEX operational programs.

Shipments are entered and a file number is assigned using the Log Edit program. Processing can proceed directly into Entry Summary processing. The system handles all Other Government Agency reporting. Currently the DOT, FCC, FDA and FWS modules are implemented.

Edits necessary for ABI processing are performed both during data entry and during a post processing phase which is invoked automatically when data entry on a file is complete and an upload to USCS is requested. Some error detection can be done only during the formatting of the data for ABI transmission. If errors exist they are immediately reported to the operator and the upload request is aborted.

ABI certification and cargo releases selectivity processing options are assigned on the Log Edit screen.  See How to use the ABI: 3461 ABI: 7501 options.


CF3461, CF7501, Entry Date Updates

3461 Data

After completion of the Log Edit screen, the Cargo Release HTS screen, and the Cargo Release B/L & IT Data screen, press F1 to validate data. If the ABI: 3461 field is Y on the Log Edit screen the system will ask if the entry data should be uploaded.  See How to use the ABI: 3461 ABI: 7501 options.

7501 Data

F14 from the 7501 Master Data screen will prepare the data for upload unless ABI 7501 is NO on the log screen. In that case F14 will allow the CF7501 to be printed.  See How to use the ABI: 3461 ABI: 7501 options.

Entry date updates

Entry/release dates are automatically updated on the Log Edit and 7501 Master data screens when received from USCS if the entry date is blank on the Log Edit screen when the download is received. Other entry date update options, which are set in the system configuration file, offer alternative update behaviors. Contact BMS for more information.



ABI queries can be created on the ABI Query menu, in databases listed on the ABI Database menu, or in some instances, from within various operational screens.

Use ABI queries to update individual records or small blocks of records.

Available queries include:


Reference Files

The Extract Reference Files program allows users to query antidumping/countervailing duty data, various codes used in ACS, gold prices, currency, import specialist team assignments, and tariff data.

Reference file queries update large blocks of data, not individual records.


Administrative Messages, Broker Stats, Liquidations

Adminstrative Messages

The Administrative Messages program allows for the electronic dissemination of information from USCS to ABI filers. All administrative messages are numbered sequentially as they are routed. Each number begins with the las two digits of the calendar year, for example, 00-0021.

Filers have the option to elect a discretionary means of receiving most Administrative Messages. Filers electing this method will receive ONLY the 'Daily Summary' and any messages determined to be URGENT by the USCS. All other filers will receive all Administrative Messages including the 'Daily Summary'. Contact your ABI rep to change the way Admin Message are received.

Individual Administrative Messages may be queried by message number, date, or subject code. Use Upload Message Request to request a specific message.

Broker Stats

The Broker Statistics database is updated automatically by USCS each month. It displays entry summary volume and system performance statistics for each district/port for the previous month, current month, and cumulative information for fiscal year to date.


The Liquidation Inquiry program contains the database relating to courtesy notices of liquidation and extension or suspension of liquidation of Customs entries. Courtesy notices of liquidation are provided by USCS on a weekly basis. The notice of extension/suspension is provided each week for entries suspended or extended the previous week.

Informal entries are not included in the database. Drawback entries are included. The liquidation amount is the dollar amount of the drawback paid by USCS to the filer.


Viewing Uploads & Downloads


Data that is ready to be transmitted to USCS can be reviewed with the Upload Log screen.


Downloaded data can be viewed in a variety of ways:

  • The Download Log displays all data received in chronological order.
  • The Display Transmission Results screen shows responses for a particular entry.
  • Query results automatically update the appropriate database or reference file when the response is received. View the downloaded information in the database that corresponds to the query.


Bill of Lading Updates

See How do I? - B/L Updates.


OGA Data

FDA, FWS, and DOT data may transmitted with either CF3461 data or CF7501 data.

FCC data must be transmitted on the 7501.

If the CF7501 Action Code is "C" (Correction) no OGA data will be transmitted. If other OGA data was transmitted on the 3461 the preparer will be asked if they wish to transmit the data anyway.

To transmit Corrections to OGA data

  • Correct the data on the appropriate (3461 or 7501) screens.

  • Use Menu Option, XMIT menu (31) - Enter file number and where the data is (3461 or 7501). Default is 7501. Data is prepared for transmission (upload all other is not required).